Essay about nightmare journey

During my initial consultation with the doctor, I tell her my sleep history, and she agrees that it sounds like I could have night terrors. She suggests that I come back to the Institute for a sleep study, an overnight visit during which I would be hooked up to an EEG, my every breath and toss and turn monitored by a technician, the whole night recorded on video. But then she says: "You probably won't have any parasomnias while you're here, but we can still get a sense of how you sleep." I wonder, then, what exactly they can glean, but tell myself that at least I will get some information about my sleep patterns, which seems better than none at all.

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But the courts alone do not shoulder responsibility for our sexual harassment scourge. As the Fox News implosion illustrated, some employers compel employees to sign mandatory arbitration agreements, stripping them of their rights to sue. The Weinstein scandal has also demonstrated the danger of nondisclosure agreements: These allow employers to buy the silence of wronged employees , blocking the pipeline of cases going to the courts. Congress could curtail the use of mandatory arbitration and NDAs in workplace discrimination cases. It won’t anytime soon, although New York state might .

Essay about nightmare journey

essay about nightmare journey


essay about nightmare journeyessay about nightmare journeyessay about nightmare journeyessay about nightmare journey