Critical sense

Barzun’s critique of the cult of evolutionary theory and the canonisation of Darwin himself is impressive but it is difficult to identify where Barzun stands on the scientific status of evolutionary theory and this is the least convincing part of his work. He appears to be dissatisfied with materialism and determinism without explaining whether he adhered to vitalism, or some form of mysticism or religion. This underlines the problem of pursuing such a wide-ranging research project without the assistance of co-workers, so his reach may have exceeded his grasp at some points. This is especially apparent when he attempted to locate his work in the context of twentieth century physics and biology, where he was operating too far from his base in history and cultural studies.

and now , its time to say goodbye to a very talented and enthusiastic member of the band , one of it's founders and a GREAT friend if i must say so myself , that is about to leave the country to persue his dream of studying aeronautics and music abroad . Unfortunately , he wont be back in Dubai anytime soon , but we arent forgetting him that soon , either. Chathu Abeywickrama :) we've had many good times together and this is a toast to you and all those memories that will never die . We hope you accomplish what you have set out to do and hope you keep smiling and grow , where ever it is you end up :)
LOVE you with all my heart bro. and i speak for the entire band when i say we will NEVER forget you <3
Take care of yourself buddy. :) <3

Critical sense

critical sense


critical sensecritical sensecritical sensecritical sense